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Scott's Priorites

What does Scott hope to in his second term?


Top ten priorities (archived from the 2022 election campaign)

(not in order of importance, as they are all important)

1. Implementing the WRDSB's new five-year Strategic Plan, adopted by Trustees in June 2022 following consultation with over 10,000 people (including over 5,000 students, staff, families, and community members). This includes approving Operational Priorities to realize the goals of the plan and then ongoing monitoring of how we are dping at meeting those priorities.

2. Ensuring that students and staff continue to be safe during the ongoing global pandemic and equipped with the tools and resources that they need to recover from its impact. This will mean continuing to advocate for adequate funding from the province, which left $1.4 billion unspent that been allocated to education in the 2021/22 provincial budget.

3. Continuing to advocate for proper funding for capital priorities that reflects the deteriorating condition of existing schools, the needs of new and growing communities (including a long overdue new high school in Southwest Kitchener), and important upgrades for energy efficiency and proper ventilation. Funding announced also needs to be flexible enough to cover increasing labour and material costs so that school boards aren't having to either scale back on meeting the needs of the community or dip into their reserves to cover the difference.

4. Overseeing the implementation of a new model for delivering French as a Second Language. As approved in June 22, all Grade One students will receive more hours of French instruction. The entry point for French Immersion will be moved to Grade Two. It is hoped that more parents will see Immersion as an option, but based on their child's interest in learning the language, not based on a perception that Immersion is an elite program.

5. Overseeing the implementation of the new Policy Review process adopted by the Board of Trustees, which for the first time in WRDSB history builds in opportunities for stakeholder and public comment before policies are adopted or amended.

6. Continuing to work to ensure that equity is at the centre of everything that the WRDSB does. In my first term, we built a new leadership team that reflects the diversity of our community. It is important that students from all backgrounds can see themselves in our leadership. I will also continue to ensure that both our schools and our board meetings are a safe space for vulnerable communities.

7. Working to put the conditions in place to increase graduation rates so that they continue to be at least equal to the provincial average of 85% (a goal from 2016 which we were able to achieve last year in spite of the pandemic).

8. Resuming school visits to achieve my goal of visiting every school site in Waterloo and Wilmot (a goal that was interrupted by the pandemic).

9. Continuing to respond to the hundreds emails and phone calls that I get each month from parents, education workers and other community members.

10. Lastly, working to maintain my perfect attendance record for meetings (barring unforeseen circumstances).


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